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Do you hate Justin Beiber, phhtt don't even answer, of course you do. Well now you can show of your hatred of him with this t-shirt at only £11.45 or save 10% if you buy 11 at £10.30 per shirt ORRRRRR buy 251 shirts and you save 35% at £7.44 per shirt. Hmmmmm this is starting to sound more and more like an advert. If you buy one great if not no big, maybe someone will enjoy this. P.S christmas is coming up soon....hint,hint ttle_at_justin_beiber_tshirt-235546010 993973194


2010-10-05 17:18:45 by sk8termike

My youtube video has fuck all views so i thought i'd post it
here to beef them up abit. uh0g


Please help

2010-07-15 14:33:20 by sk8termike

Follow this link to help... 82030

More shameless promotion

2010-07-08 12:07:36 by sk8termike

What have i gotten myself into... FYKw

Just watch.

New halo videos on youtube

2010-01-17 10:50:50 by sk8termike

have a look QDcU Q1EA 28043Follow this link and give me your ideas


Halo 3

2009-10-18 08:18:12 by sk8termike

If you like halo 3 videos follow this link and then watch the playlist -bnA

Halo 3


2009-07-19 07:34:45 by sk8termike

new game put on!

epic colab

2009-05-04 04:52:24 by sk8termike

Hey animators join the epic colab. All the info is here
I emailed my animation and he said that i was the first one to send one in.

portal gun

2009-05-02 14:14:23 by sk8termike

Were can I get the sound effect of the portal gun shot from "Portal still alive"?

portal gun